Deconstruct to construct.

Went to Daiso today to find that it has been renovated and its layout completely changed. It’s the Daiso that I’ve been shopping at since young, since it first opened at that mall. I believe it was either the first or one of the very first Daiso stores that opened in Singapore.

There’s construction going on in every area of my life, right beside my block of flats, malls and shops that I have been shopping at for a long time, at school, new malls, new shops, new roads. And it’s proving to be too much. Everywhere I remember I have forgotten because they have been changed, torn apart and put together again so differently that maybe they ought to be renamed.

It’s important to identify things, and it’s important to identify with things, because that’s how we begin to talk about things and that’s how they stake places in our memories. Memories, the thing that many people think it worthwhile to die in a fire for.

The adage goes, change is the only constant. I suppose I have to accept that things are all going to change all they want.

Will nostalgia always stay the same?


Life as we know it.

Twenty two years and counting,

The life as I know it.

Life is difficult sometimes.
Life makes you smile sometimes.
Life is infuriating sometimes.
Life makes you cry sometimes.
Life is not what you want it to be sometimes.

These are the parts to life that make it worthwhile, according to the wisdom of many people, namely the many individuals who have left behind inspirational words quoted gloriously in self-help books today.

The thing is, life is whatever it is meant to be.

Strive to take life in its stride, the most positive stride possible.

If something makes me smile, I smile and get over it.
If something makes me sad, I be sad and get over it.
If something makes me angry, I be angry and get over it.

I cannot care less about people who will judge me based on the words of others. I also cannot care less about people who cannot get over themselves to continue going forward.

To me, life is about the getting over and the moving on.

I cannot care less if people brand me as heartless, cold or unfeeling. I will do what I will do as long as it does not cause any physical harm to others (say, for instance, arson) or rob them of their right to live (say, for example, murder).

This is my life as I know it.

Worry about worries.

Every day I worry about something new.

Comfort is not deceiving. I believe many things are not deceiving. It is that we choose to be deceived. We might not have actively chosen to be deceived, but it is what happens anyway.

The thing is, people can die anytime without warning. Warnings are for people who do not end up dying.

This morning, I read the news about Cory Monteith’s sudden death. I do not know him personally and I am not even completely certain that I just spelt his last name correctly. The thing is, he just died all of a sudden. Voluntarily or not, it reminds me that life can be taken as easily as it can be given.

We always hear of how couples who want to have children have difficulty getting pregnant or end up with problematic pregnancies, of how teenagers or irresponsible adults, who should not have children and do not want them, end up having loads of kids who end up ill-raised and contribute to social havoc, of how kind people get murdered, of how evil people never get apprehended or heinous criminals get released from prison and go on parole, and of how the innocent got framed and the guilty got crowned.

The thing is, life is like that. It is full of woes and injustice as much as it can be filled with happiness and kindness.

Worrying is inevitable. Even if you live alone on an island, the fact that your mind is operating makes you vulnerable to worries and anxiety about anything that can be worrying.

It is important to learn to direct and regulate worrying.
It is important to learn and keep learning.
Because that is how we can keep (hope) going.

Life is difficult sometimes.

Life is difficult sometimes.

Which is why we begin life with education, with the hope of being successful in learning how to deal with difficulty better.

Like a real battle in the field, strategies can be learned through education, but the qualification of a real victory requires an actual win in the field, an actual win that doesn’t involve any defeat by difficulty.

I don’t know what I’m saying now.

Life is difficult sometimes.