Worry about worries.

Every day I worry about something new.

Comfort is not deceiving. I believe many things are not deceiving. It is that we choose to be deceived. We might not have actively chosen to be deceived, but it is what happens anyway.

The thing is, people can die anytime without warning. Warnings are for people who do not end up dying.

This morning, I read the news about Cory Monteith’s sudden death. I do not know him personally and I am not even completely certain that I just spelt his last name correctly. The thing is, he just died all of a sudden. Voluntarily or not, it reminds me that life can be taken as easily as it can be given.

We always hear of how couples who want to have children have difficulty getting pregnant or end up with problematic pregnancies, of how teenagers or irresponsible adults, who should not have children and do not want them, end up having loads of kids who end up ill-raised and contribute to social havoc, of how kind people get murdered, of how evil people never get apprehended or heinous criminals get released from prison and go on parole, and of how the innocent got framed and the guilty got crowned.

The thing is, life is like that. It is full of woes and injustice as much as it can be filled with happiness and kindness.

Worrying is inevitable. Even if you live alone on an island, the fact that your mind is operating makes you vulnerable to worries and anxiety about anything that can be worrying.

It is important to learn to direct and regulate worrying.
It is important to learn and keep learning.
Because that is how we can keep (hope) going.


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